cash for cars Sydney


If you are thinking of scraping cars for cash for your unwanted or junk cars, you would definitely want the best price for your  old cars. When looking for Car Removals or Scrapping Car industry, you will get many options and choices but the best among them is the Auswide  Car Removal Pvt Ltd. Our company stands out from the rest of their competitors due to many reasons. It is the best  cash for cars company, best car removal company and the leading scrap car removal company in Sydney, Australia.

Before  going further lets take a look at what Scraping Cars or Old Car Removal is:

After a few years of usage your assets will go under depreciation and it will reduce their value. Sometimes a crashed car or a car damaged beyond repair is no longer in a working condition and hence you have to get rid of your old car and make some money from it. Cash for car is a process where you can get your unwanted car removal for cash. The car scrapping companies will buy any car which has its legal documents along with it. 

The value of your scrap car depends on a few things like:

  • The scrap market value of metal.
  • The condition of your car ( working or no longer working).
  • The type of engine.
  • Other parts of your car. 

Scrap Car Removal companies detach the car piece by piece. Depending on the metal extracted from your old car, the prices may vary.  The value of your car also depends on the age of your car. If your car is very old it will fetch less value. The quality of metal extracted from your car will decide the cash for your car.  The scrapping companies will sell off the good parts to spare part dealers or those who need it in their vehicles and dispose off the engine and hazardous materials. If your car is completely rusted or very old it will give you lower prices because it gets harder to sell the rusted metal to auto parts dealers.

Why Auswide Car Removal Pvt Ltd is the leading scrap car  removal service in Sydney:

At Auswide Car Removal Service, we accept all kinds of cars, makes and models irrespective of your car’s condition. We accept cars even if it is not in working condition, is burnt, damaged beyond repair, very old, crashed, or even if your car model and make is not available in the market any more. We accept all kinds of cars, jeeps, SUVs, 4x4s and trucks. The price offered will depend for on the market value and the condition of your scraped car. The company has at experience and knowledge in scrapping cars. You will get the best deal in Australia through a hassle free process at Auswide Car Removal Pvt Ltd

  1. Free towing for scrap cars.

The company offers best free towing service for scrap cars near me. You just need to give us information regarding your scrap car and your location and we will arrange a tow service for your junk cars without any charges.

  1. Simple Process

Our process is very simple with minimal paperwork and hence less time consuming. We require very few documents related to your old car removal and finish the validation within one day and hence it will be a hassle free process for you.

  1. Instant Payment.

We give immediate payment once your car and documents are approved by our expert staff members. You can get instant cash for junk cars and get rid of your unwanted cars. If you are happy with the provided quote, just give us a confirmation call or email and we will give you instant cash for unwanted car removal.

  1. Expert Staff.

We have a team of experts in our crew  who are passionate about vehicles. They are well aware of all the current rates of  every type of vehicles. You will surely get the best quote for your old and scrap car. Legal papers are verified by the legal team and a quick validation of your vehicle is done within a day or two. We also have onsite survey facility for stranded vehicles to get the perfect idea of your vehicle’s worth.

  1. We take all types of cars.

At Auswide Car Removals we take all makes and models of all types of cars. We even take cars that are damaged beyond repair or burnt. So if you want to make some cash for junk cars come to us and leave your worries.