Cash for Unwanted Cars

Cash for Unwanted Cars

Are you having an old scrap car? Want to sell it and get your hands on some quick money? You have come to the right place. Your search ends here with Auswide car removal Services. Selling a scrap old car has never been so easy, thanks to Auswide car removal Services. We have located all our Australia and can be connected by just a quick phone call, email, or even a WhatsApp message! How easy is that?

Besides, we have a minimal paperwork requirement making the overall experience seamless. We give instant cash and with almost no paperwork. Our customers need to sign the papers. We understand your time is valuable, and thus, we don’t want you to spend your entire day in paperwork.

It tends to take weeks or even months to sell off your old scrap car to someone. Who would buy a piece of junk? It is not as easy. If you also find a buyer, you will not get a reasonable price, and you would need to compromise and settle down with something not that appealing. At times, you are even duped by fraud people out there. You can now bid goodbye to all such problems. Auswide Car Removal Services is a one-stop company for all your solutions. We buy your car no matter how old it is. We buy it in any given condition and offer you the most competitive price you will get in the market. That’s not all! We manage the entire process smoothly. Our aim is to offer hassle-free service and swift one so; you can get rid of your headache as soon as possible without worrying about anything. The entire process is pretty straight forward. All you need to do is:

  • Call on 1300 356 697 and speak to our customer agent.
  • Describe your car and get an instant quote.
  • If the quote makes you happy, our team comes over and collects your car – at your convenient time and location.
  • We give you your cash.
You must be thinking at this point, what if my car is in a terrible state? Let us assure you, we accept all sorts of cars – burned, smashed, wrecked, not working, partially working, broken, irreversibly damaged car, dirty, or anything else. We are experts and know the value of the car, and we handle it like a pro. You need not worry about the condition of your car. Just call us and leave the hassle on us. This is not just for cars; we buy all sorts of vehicles like cars, SUVs, Jeeps, Trucks, and more. We accept all models and makes, even if the model and make is discontinued in the market. That’s why our customers love us because we don’t have any fuss. You can read our client’s testimonials to learn how much they appreciate our services. We are the top leading company in Australia that offers the best cash for scrap cars. Our pickup times are usually less than an hour. If you’re not at home even then, we can schedule a pickup time, and our tow truck driver will offer you cash and receipt on arrival. Because of the facilities and the ease we offer to our customers, we are known as one of the leading buyers of scrap carsin Australia.

If you have any special instructions, you could always inform us beforehand. With full licenses and enormous experience, our drivers can handle any situation and take care of your vehicle. Sell it on a weekday or on the weekend, we are available round the clock.

Auswide car removal Service contributes its share towards the environment. We ensure that we dispose of the vehicle in an environmentally friendly way, so it does not harm our planet. The cars are disposed of in an organized, and well-controlled manner, not affecting or creating pollution. Remember, a car lying in your garage releases some dangerous fumes, as well as the rusted car, which is dangerous for you and your family’s health. It means it is best to sell off your car as soon as possible. This way, you will keep not only your health safe, but also contribute your bit to the mother nature.

You could also recommend us to your friends and colleagues in need with full confidence. Or you could bookmark our website, and save our number. Car removal is a service everyone needs at one point in their lives.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call with a few details like the car model, make, mileage, year of production, and keep some documents ready, which we shall tell you over the phone. Go ahead and sell your scrap car for the right price today! With Auswide Car Removal Services, there is no regret.

what our clients say

We provide FREE TOW AWAY Services!

  • It was a very great pleasure to deal with this company. Customer service was very lovely and drivers were on time best offer given for my junk car. 💴💴💴💴
    Office staff were very patient and great to speak too.
    If I do have in the future another car to get rid off I will definitely be coming back to these guys. 👌👌

    aziz maqsoodi

  • Repeatedly told that they would come and remove our car. They have repeatedly rescheduled the collection across multiple days and, after confirming a collection time, they have not turned up at all and are uncontactable.

    Based of the reviews I’ve read below, however, maybe we dodged a bullet as it seems that, even if they had turned up, they would likely have refused to honour the amount quoted on the phone

    Dishonourable and unreliable business. Honestly, there are so many better options run by honest people that you’re better off going ANYWHERE else

    Hayley Reynolds

  • Trustful company with high quality service. Recommend AusWide Car for anyone

    Bassam AL Rady

  • Was given an offer over the phone, they come out, the driver tried offering a lower price than what was originally quoted. The driver was told pay up or get the car off the truck. The driver then proceeds to write out a receipt that states the sum of “FREE” which again was not the case and an outright “LIE”. Call the business number speak to someone about what has happened, he calls the driver and the driver tried to make out there was an engine leak which there wasn’t and never has been. The driver comes back and asks for the receipt, we have screenshots of the original just in case the driver wants to change it after I threatened to report the business for being shady thieves. And we come back with a changed price on the receipt and the exact amount that was quoted over the phone. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Blb 071

  • Never trust price on the phone. They have two different prices. They’re gon come for tow and try to negotiate in front of yr car. Car was on the street and I gotta get rid of that right away. They know this situation and tried to make price as free.


  • Was quoted $300 for car, upon pickup, was basically told that he was offering $250 or they’re going to leave the car here. Not impressed that I was quoted one figure, then hardballed to another figure on the day.

    Michael Spina

  • A fair offer over the phone. But you definitely wont get that from them.
    These guys will haggle you on the price they originally gave you. Theyre intention is to get you to accept theyre fair’ish’ offer so your mind is ‘set’ to have a burden gone and cash received. They know that you are, and feel responsible for that truck arriving. And when it does, for what ever reason they will offer you much less than originally quoted. they manipulate that sense of responsibility to make you feel like you almost have to go through with it, accepting their new offer, because there is a truck there with its lights flashing waiting to pick it up.
    Most callers would be needy or desperate.
    And thats who they pray on!
    Nothing manly about these street scavengers.
    I wouldnt be surprised if they pick your pocket too…

    Dtony Z

  • Trustful company with high quality service. Recommend AusWide Car for anyone.

    Maksym Miroshnyk

    Store Manager, Walmart Inc
  • These guys will quite literally rob you. My wallet mysteriously vanished after they came to remove the car. And that was after they refused to give me the previously agreed price

    Shane Ryan


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