Recycle Vehicles

Recycle Vehicles

Auswide car removal Services owns over a decade of experience in the auto recycling business. The manner in which we dispose of a vehicle and the strong networks we have in the automobile industry, and with strong knowledge and experience, we are, without doubt, the leading car removal and recycle firm in Australia. We give cash to our customers, which is the best they would receive in the market. We can see your vehicles and understand its value because we are your true automobile experts.

We buy all types of vehicles- burnt, wrecked, not a working condition, scrap, rusted, or whatever the condition is. These types of cars cannot be used and are beyond repairs, so it is a must to sell them off. We take all makes and models and even accept those makes which are no longer produced in the market. So, keep your worries aside and give us a call today to know the value of your vehicle.

Eco-Friendly Car Recycling

Auswide Car Removal Services adheres to Australian recycling laws and regulations, and we have the appropriate permits to recycle and process your unwanted cars ethically. With our advanced recycling system, we can take any vehicle and make good green cash out of it. Our eco-friendly recycling also protects the environment from its dangerous contaminates, fluids, and wastes as it doesn’t end up in a landfill. We offer our bit to mother nature, and its time you offer it too by selling your scrap and un unwanted car .

Old Car Recyclers in Australia

At Auswide Car Removal Service, our staff is well trained and experienced in ethical recycling processes together with air conditioning degassing, used oil disposal, scrap metal, including both ferrous and nonferrous metal recycling. We are recognized specialists in the industry, and we love what we do. Our customer service representatives are bilingual and polite. They know their work inside-out and are more than happy to assist you.
Our aim at Auswide Car Removal Service is to recover and recycle the parts under the hood of the vehicle for reuse and resell. The demand for redeemed and recycled parts is increasing day by day, and this procedure enables us to put more cash in your hand. Once we have removed the parts, we then extract the fluids, fuel, and liquid in the vehicle, draining each and then safely transport the waste to the liquid waste handling center. Once the wastes are withdrawn, the hazardous elements like the batteries are removed. Our forward car recycling system is one that is truly eco-friendly and protects nature.

Environmentally Friendly Car Recycling in Australia

At Auswide Car Removal Services, we make free quotes over the phone, and also, our handlers will carefully inspect the vehicle once they arrive to remove the vehicle from a location you ask us to. Once inspected, the vehicle owner is paid, and we transport the vehicle back to our wrecking yard . Whatever remaining metal parts are still with the vehicle; we will recycle along with all the steel from the vehicle. Auswide Car Removal Services is concerned about the environment, and that is a guarantee as we only employ the most experienced recyclers in Australia. We give you full assurance that your car will be wrecked by the best industry specialist and processed in an environmentally friendly manner.

Why Select Auswide Car Removal Services?

  • We offer hassle-free quick service. Call – Get a quote- Tow is our easy three steps formula to get rid of your scrap car.
  • We offer the best price in Australia.
  • We are located in several places in Australian.
  • We offer an instant quote and instant cash.
  • We boast an outstanding customer service.

Our Team

Our drivers are fully licensed and know how to tow your car using our latest tow trucks, which are equipped with the latest GPS technology. If you have met an accident, our team comes to the location in less than thirty minutes and even cleans all the mess for you. We care for our customers and offer them quality services.
You will be satisfied with our team because they are trained accordingly. We don’t waste your time and don’t make you wait unnecessarily. You could read our clients’ testimonials and learn how we have earned the badge of the best car removal services in Australian .

Contact US

If you are worried about recycling your car, then you have come to the right place. Just give Auswide Car Removal Service a call, and we will make the arrangements for your car to be towed for free. With us, you will not only have the peace of mind of knowing your car is being recycled safely and efficiently, but also you will get the best price in the market! What are you waiting for? Call us today and get your free quote.

what our clients say

We provide FREE TOW AWAY Services!

  • It was a very great pleasure to deal with this company. Customer service was very lovely and drivers were on time best offer given for my junk car. 💴💴💴💴
    Office staff were very patient and great to speak too.
    If I do have in the future another car to get rid off I will definitely be coming back to these guys. 👌👌

    aziz maqsoodi

  • Repeatedly told that they would come and remove our car. They have repeatedly rescheduled the collection across multiple days and, after confirming a collection time, they have not turned up at all and are uncontactable.

    Based of the reviews I’ve read below, however, maybe we dodged a bullet as it seems that, even if they had turned up, they would likely have refused to honour the amount quoted on the phone

    Dishonourable and unreliable business. Honestly, there are so many better options run by honest people that you’re better off going ANYWHERE else

    Hayley Reynolds

  • Trustful company with high quality service. Recommend AusWide Car for anyone

    Bassam AL Rady

  • Was given an offer over the phone, they come out, the driver tried offering a lower price than what was originally quoted. The driver was told pay up or get the car off the truck. The driver then proceeds to write out a receipt that states the sum of “FREE” which again was not the case and an outright “LIE”. Call the business number speak to someone about what has happened, he calls the driver and the driver tried to make out there was an engine leak which there wasn’t and never has been. The driver comes back and asks for the receipt, we have screenshots of the original just in case the driver wants to change it after I threatened to report the business for being shady thieves. And we come back with a changed price on the receipt and the exact amount that was quoted over the phone. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Blb 071

  • Never trust price on the phone. They have two different prices. They’re gon come for tow and try to negotiate in front of yr car. Car was on the street and I gotta get rid of that right away. They know this situation and tried to make price as free.


  • Was quoted $300 for car, upon pickup, was basically told that he was offering $250 or they’re going to leave the car here. Not impressed that I was quoted one figure, then hardballed to another figure on the day.

    Michael Spina

  • A fair offer over the phone. But you definitely wont get that from them.
    These guys will haggle you on the price they originally gave you. Theyre intention is to get you to accept theyre fair’ish’ offer so your mind is ‘set’ to have a burden gone and cash received. They know that you are, and feel responsible for that truck arriving. And when it does, for what ever reason they will offer you much less than originally quoted. they manipulate that sense of responsibility to make you feel like you almost have to go through with it, accepting their new offer, because there is a truck there with its lights flashing waiting to pick it up.
    Most callers would be needy or desperate.
    And thats who they pray on!
    Nothing manly about these street scavengers.
    I wouldnt be surprised if they pick your pocket too…

    Dtony Z

  • Trustful company with high quality service. Recommend AusWide Car for anyone.

    Maksym Miroshnyk

    Store Manager, Walmart Inc
  • These guys will quite literally rob you. My wallet mysteriously vanished after they came to remove the car. And that was after they refused to give me the previously agreed price

    Shane Ryan


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