When to Submit Notice Of Disposal NSW? – Complete Guide

Did you just sell your car in NSW? If you haven’t completed the most important step yet, you’re still responsible for your car. Submitting a Notice of Disposal (NOD) in NSW right after selling a car is important. 

In this guide, we will cover the steps to complete this process online and offline, what types of vehicles require NOD, fees, and common mistakes to avoid. Let’s get into it!

What is Notice of Disposal?

If you’ve sold your car in NSW, you need to notify Transport for NSW by submitting a Notice of Disposal (NOD). It confirms that you’re no longer the owner of the disposed vehicle.

Notice of Disposal is a crucial step when selling, trading, or disposing of your vehicle in NSW. By submitting an NOD, you’re no longer responsible for the vehicle and avoid any future liability.

Transport for NSW is the New South Wales government organisation responsible for transportation and roads.

Types of Vehicle Require NOD

If you’ve sold or disposed of any of these vehicles in NSW, you need to submit a Notice of Disposal:

  • Motorcycles and Scooters
  • Registered Vehicles
  • Unregistered Vehicles
  • Caravans and Trailers

If you’re selling an unregistered vehicle, you still need to submit a Notice of Disposal. This ensures that the buyer (new owner) can legally register it in their name. All types, years, and conditions of vehicles require NOD.

When is a Notice of Disposal Required?

Sellers need to submit a Notice of Disposal immediately after selling a vehicle. As soon as you submit an NOD, you protect yourself from any driving offences (e.g., traffic or parking violations) caused by the new owner, and you won’t be responsible for them.

Within 14 Days After Selling a Car:

  • Sellers need to submit a Notice of Disposal.
  • Buyers need to transfer car registration into their name (commonly known as REGO).

Do NOT SKIP this important step!

If buyers cannot transfer car registration within 14 days, they need to pay a late fee of $172 in NSW.

For a responsible purchase, make sure to complete this process on time and avoid those late fees!


If you forget to submit a Notice of Disposal or fail to do it, there could be consequences. These can include paying late fees or other penalties for non-compliance.

Here are these: 

FINES / LATE FEESSubmitting a Notice of Disposal after 14 days can lead to late fees or penalties. In NSW, late fees are $172.
LEGAL LIABILITY If the buyer doesn’t transfer car registration and commits any offence or is involved in any accidents, you’re still considered the legal owner and responsible for fines and legal action.
REGISTRATION FEESIf the transfer of car registration is not completed within the timeframe and the seller also didn’t submit the Notice of Disposal, the seller is still responsible for continued registration fees.
POINTS ON YOUR LICENCEFailure to submit an NOD could result in demerit points being added to your driving licence.

Eligibility for NOD

Before proceeding, let’s look at the eligibility criteria. In the following cases, you can’t submit an online Notice of Disposal:

  • You don’t have a Photo Card or NSW Driving Licence.
  • You have conditional vehicle registration (e.g., your vehicle has modifications).
  • You’re selling a vehicle on behalf of a company or organisation.
  • The buyer is interstate and has an interstate driving licence.
  • The vehicle buyer is an interstate motor dealer without a NSW motor dealer licence number.

Note: If you can’t submit the Notice of Disposal online, you can submit it in paper form through mail.

Basic Requirement For NOD

Here are the things you should have while submitting a Notice of Disposal:

  1. Registration information of the vehicle: VIN, make, model, licence plate.
  2. Seller’s details: photo card details, NSW driver licence.
  3. Buyer’s details: NSW driving licence.
  4. Sale date or transfer date (the date of vehicle disposal).
  5. Sale price or market value of the vehicle (whichever is higher).
  6. Motor dealer’s registered business name and licence number (when sold to a dealership).
  7. MyServiceNSW Account (optional).
  8. Keep copies of all relevant papers.
  9. Update your number plate details with the tag provider (if you have an E-Tag).

E-Tag: When driving on certain roads, an E-Tag makes your travel convenient by electronic toll collection.

Steps to Submit NOTICE OF DISPOSAL : Online & Offline

Here are the steps to follow for submitting notice of disposal:


STEP 1: 

Click on the link Submit a notice of disposal for a vehicle | Service NSW 

STEP 2: 

Click on “Submit Online” as shown in the attached image below.

STEP 3: 

You will be redirected to this page. Select any of the suitable options:


You can use either your NSW Driver Licence or NSW Photo Card.Login to your MyServiceNSW account. 
Next, fill in the required details:Go to the “Services” tab and choose “Transport.”
Carefully read and accept the Terms and Conditions.Choose “Notify RMS of a Disposal” and provide the necessary details, including the vehicle’s registration number and your licence details.
Print your receipt or send it to an email address for proof.Finally, confirm and submit the Notice of Disposal online.

At last, double check the details and then click on the Submit button. 


Here is the offline process to submit notice of disposal:


Download and print the notice of disposal application form


Both the buyer and seller need to sign the form.


Submit the form by mailing it to Transport for NSW, PO Box 21, Parkes 2870, or lodge it at a Service NSW centre.

Important Note: Companies and organisations MUST post it to PO Box 21, Parkes NSW 2870.

Final Review: When submitting the NOD in person or by mail, recheck the form to ensure you have provided all the required details.

Things To Remember

  1. Always submit the Notice of Disposal NSW within 14 days after selling or disposing of a car.
  2. Before submitting the NOD, whether online or offline, double-check all details and attached papers to avoid delays.
  3. Do not rely on the buyer to submit the Notice of Disposal, as it’s your responsibility (seller). The buyer needs to transfer car registration.
  4. Notify the insurance company after selling or disposing of a vehicle to avoid paying unnecessary premiums.
  5. Read the requirements and NOD criteria carefully before submitting it.
  6. Your vehicle’s registered plates can be used illegally, so either remove or destroy them, or return them to RMS.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Can you transfer rego without a notice of disposal in new south wales?

Ans.  When transferring or changing ownership of a vehicle, you need to notify Transport for NSW. It requires sellers to submit a notice of disposal of the vehicle.

Q. How long do I have to transfer rego in NSW?

Ans. The buyer needs to transfer vehicle registration into their name within 14 days of purchase.

Q. Can I cancel a notice of disposal NSW?

Ans.  To cancel your vehicle’s notice of disposal, visit the registry or Service NSW centre in person and submit an application.

Q. How long does the notice of disposal in NSW take?

Ans.  It will be completed right after you submit it.

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