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In Sutherland Shire, when it’s time to say goodbye to your old car, you can instantly turn it into cash effortlessly. We offer car removal Sutherland Shire service that not only helps you get rid of your unwanted vehicle but also puts up to $9,999 in your pocket. 


At Auswide car removal ™, we’ve designed the process to make it as easy as possible for you. We take care of paperwork, ensure a hassle-free experience and offer a well deserving amount of up to $9,999. Whether you’ve is damaged, old, unwanted or scrap car, we buy them all. 


Let us help you transform your old car into instant cash also contributing to a cleaner, greener environment in Sutherland Shire. 

Our Car Removal Sutherland Shire Is Now Covers Your Areas!

We understand the common problems that many Aussies face when dealing with old or unwanted vehicles such as maintenance cost, limited space, and environmental concerns. Don’t worry, Auswide Car Removals ™, we’re here to assist you that not only relieves you but also puts cash in your pocket. Our car removal services covers all over the Sutherland Shire :-

Greenhills Beach
KirraweeGrays PointLoftus
KareelaMenaiPort Hacking
ComoBurraneerLucas Hei

How It Works – Follow #3 Steps To Get Cash For Cars

Get a fast response to your car removal inquiry. Follow these three simple steps to sell your car and earn cash in Sutherland Shire:-

Step 1 – Contact Us

To get a car valuation you need to contact us or you can fill up the quote form. Provide us with the vehicle’s details. 

Step 2- Get an Offer

Based on the quote, we will make an offer and you approve, we can proceed to arrange the car removal. 

Step 3 – Free Car Removal

Our towing team will arrive within 45 minutes to take your car. One team member will inspect it, another will handle paperwork and payment, and then we’ll tow your car away.

Why Choose Us – At Car Removal Sutherland Shire

At Car Removal Sutherland Shire, you can trust our experienced professionals. We’ve been serving the greater Sydney area, offering car owners a simple way to sell their junk cars while enjoying various benefits, including:-

Trusted Buyer:

Auswide Car Removals ™ is your trustworthy car buyer, committed to honesty and transparency. Finding a reliable buyer for your scrap car can be challenging, but our car removal Sutherland Shire service is both responsible and reliable.

9+ Years Experienced:

We’ve been in the business since 2014, and over the years, we’ve expanded our services throughout the city. We’re now widely known as Cash for Cars Sydney. By that time, we’ve also built extensive networks to provide prompt service in your location.

Registered & Licensed 

We’re a registered car removal service based in Sydney with all the required licences and permits for scrap car removal, making it easier for you to avoid any scams and fraud in this industry.

Certified Team 

We’ve a team of qualified professionals with years of experience in car disposal, recycle, and removal. They’ve knowledge and expertise to handle all types, make, model vehicles and ensure the proper disposal responsibly. 

Key Benefits With Us

Here are the benefits you can enjoy when getting our services:-

No paperwork

No need for lengthy paperwork. Just show us your vehicle’s proof of ownership, and we’ll give you a sale receipt to keep everything legal.

No Hidden Fees / No Last Minute Change

We provide FREE car removal Sutherland Shire wide, and we want to make it clear that there are absolutely no hidden fees or unexpected changes. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Fair Offer

We assess the value of your car by considering its specific details, market demand, and other relevant factors. Our goal is to provide you with a fair and transparent price that your vehicle deserves. 

Please note that after we inspect the vehicle in person, the offer may either increase, remain the same.


All Makes & Model (Accept All)
We don’t have specific requirements for the vehicles we buy. Our goal is to remove vehicles of all kinds, whether they’re vans, trucks, or cars. We don’t focus on any particular make or model, and the price we offer primarily depends on your vehicle’s condition and weight. The good news is, you can sell us vehicles of all types, including damaged, junk, old, unwanted, or used cars.

Secure Payment Methods

Your safety and the security of your personal and payment information are our top priorities. Our goal is to provide you with a secure platform for selling your car and receiving payment. To ensure a smooth and hassle-free process, we offer multiple payment options:

  • Digital: PayPal, PayID, Osko
  • Transfer
  • Checks

Green Solution – Car Removal 🌱

At Car Removal Sutherland Shire, we prioritise a cleaner environment and safety. We ensure that every step of our process is environmentally friendly to contribute to a greener future. 


Not everyone fully understands the importance of eco-friendly services. Vehicles contain harmful materials and fluids that can damage the environment and pose risks to human health and wildlife. That’s why we take responsible steps by:

  • Drain

We carefully remove various fluids like oil, coolant, transmission, and brake fluids from vehicles while ensuring no harmful substances pollute our surroundings.

  • Remove

Our team thoroughly examined the vehicle and safely removed hazardous materials such as mercury switches, batteries, and airbags, ensuring they do not pose a risk to human or animal health.

  • Reuse

We salvage working parts and components from the vehicle, reducing waste and promoting sustainability by giving these parts another life. 

  • Recycle

We recycle metal and plastic materials systematically, conserving natural resources and minimising harm to the environment.


We follow these steps for eco-friendly car disposal and help create a cleaner, greener environment.

Get In Touch With Auswide Car Removals

If you need assistance or have any questions, you can reach us at 1300 356 697. To get a free quote, simply fill out our online form, and to learn more about our services, visit our website. Our friendly team is here to help, making it easy to say goodbye to your damaged car!