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Is that old, damaged truck in your yard becoming a headache? Don’t let it take up valuable space and cause you frustration. Selling a truck can be a hassle. We’ve got the solution.

No need to worry anymore! We’re the top Cash for Truck service in Sydney, and we’ll remove your truck right from your doorstep, giving you instant payment in your preferred way.

At Auswide car removal, we bring the easiest possible way to turn your damaged, unwanted truck into dollars, offering up to $15,000 and free pickup all over Sydney. Don’t wait – let’s get that cash for your truck in your hands without any delay!

OUR Services : Cash For Truck 

Our Cash For Truck service is designed to provide you with a stress-free and profitable experience. Here are our key elements that set us apart from the rest: 

Free Truck Valuation

Find out your truck’s value by reaching out to our expert team. Simply call us or complete our free online quote form with your truck’s basic details. In just 2 minutes, our team provides a quick offer based on your truck’s market value and condition.

Instant Offers

When you choose our Cash for Truck service, you’re not just selling your truck, you’re receiving the highest value for your truck. Our commitment to your satisfaction is showing in every aspect of our service, and starts with our instant offer. 

Competitive and Fair Offers

We give top-dollar offers that match the current true value of your truck, ensuring you get the best deal. 

Same-Day Payment Options

At cash for truck service, you can choose from our flexible payment methods, including- bank transfer, online and check without any delay. 

Hassle-Free Pickup

Selling your truck at Cash for Truck service is incredibly easy and stress-free. We know how important it is to have a hassle-free pickup experience. With us you can enjoy the best:-

Schedule Convenient Pickup

We work around your schedule to ensure your convenience and smooth pickup process. Whether you prefer pickup on weekdays or lately on Saturdays, we’re available. 


Nationwide Coverage

We’re based in Sydney so no matter where you are, we can collect your truck. Our services extend to nearby cities and towns, where our expert towing team will reach you quickly and efficiently. 

All Truck Types Accepted

No matter the condition or age of your truck, we’re ready to make a fair offer for your vehicle. Whether it’s a used truck or showing signs of wear and tear, an older model, or even an unwanted truck taking up space, consider selling it to our cash for truck service. We specialise in buying all types of truck, every vehicle has value in our eyes. Remember your truck is exactly what we’re looking for:

Used Trucks

Whether your truck is used for long years or has been involved in an accident, we’re interested in buying it. 

Damaged Trucks

We’re specialising in buying trucks in less-than-perfect condition even at Damaged trucks. 

Old Trucks

Don’t worry about your old vehicle, we’re willing to buy even older models. 

Unwanted Trucks

If you have a truck you no longer need, we’re here to take it off your hands. 

Paperwork Assistance

At our cash for truck service, we handle all the necessary documentation, ensuring a smooth and convenient experience for you. Our dedicated team takes care of everything including paperwork:-


  1. Title Transfer: Our team of professionals will guide you throughout the transfer of title process. 
  2. Legal Documentation: We ensure the deal closes in legit manner, with complete paperwork including sale receipt and complying with local government regulations. 

Why Choose “Cash for Truck” Service

You may still be confused about should you choose us or not, right? Let’s us explain why choosing us is smartest decision you can make when it comes to selling your truck:-

Top Cash For Truck $15,000

We know that your truck is a valuable purchase, and we’ll make sure you get the most for it. Our experienced team of appraisers carefully assess your truck’s value, ensuring that you receive a competitive and fair offer. 


“Our goal is to provide you with the best cash offer possible!”

Quick and Convenient Process

We value your time and efforts, as selling a truck isn’t an easy deal especially when it’s non-working. At our service selling a truck is an easy and smooth process, it’s designed to be quick and convenient. 

Experienced and Professional Team

Since 2014 we’ve been in this business and built our strong expertise to remove thousands of vehicles including cars, vans, and trucks of various types, make, and model. We understand the market inside and out, you can trust our experts to assess your truck’s value. From the moment you reach out to us until the moment you get your payment, you’ll experience the highest level of professionalism and customer service. 

Eco-Friendly Disposal

The larger a vehicle is, the more chances it takes to get properly disposed of. At our cash for truck service we care about the environment, and we ensure that your truck is disposed of in an eco-friendly manner. If your truck is no longer roadworthy, we have qualified to recycle and dispose of it responsibly. By choosing our service, you’re not only getting top cash return but you’re also contributing towards a greener and more sustainable future. 

Excellent Customer Reviews

Choosing the right buyer for your vehicle can be a difficult task, but it’s not with us. 

Don’t just take our word for it – our satisfied customers speak for themselves. We’ve consistently received excellent customer reviews because we prioritise customer satisfaction above all else.


Many truck owners who’ve sold their truck to us, trust and find us loyal. We’ve always been glad to earn that trust, it’s all because of our transparency, fair offers, and quick services. 

How It Works

If you reach this long means, you’re all set to turn your old or unwanted truck into instant cash. Our cash for truck service makes it easier than ever to sell your truck with convenience and peace of mind. Here’s how our process works:-

Online Form or Phone Call

Start by reaching out to us by our user-friendly free online Quote Form or simply give us a call. Provide us your vehicle’s basic details in any suitable way. 


Accept Our Offer

Once we receive your vehicle’s details, our team will evaluate your truck and make a fair offer. There is no obligation to accept our offer, we believe in giving your freedom to decide. 

If you’re satisfied with the offer, you can choose to proceed to the next step. 

Schedule Pickup & Get Paid 

The next step is to schedule the pickup of your truck, you need to inform us your date, time, and location that is convenient for you. 

Once we arrive at your place, we quickly inspect the vehicle to ensure it matches with the provided details, and complete the paperwork. When all is set, our team will ensure the transaction is as smooth as possible. You’ll receive the payment in your preferred payment method. 


What types of trucks do you buy?

Ans. We buy all types of trucks, no matter the age, condition, make, model and year. 


How do you determine the value of my truck?

Ans. We determine the value of a truck based on several factors, including its make, model, age, condition and the current market demand. We use a transparent and fair valuation process to give you the best suitable and possible offer. 


How long does the selling process take?

Ans. The entire truck selling process only takes a few hours, once you close the deal with us, it will last 30-40 mins. 


What documents do I need to sell my truck?

Ans. We only require the “Proof of vehicle’s ownership.”

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It’s easier than you think, at Auswide car removal, getting top dollars for your truck- cash for truck is a smooth and hassle-free process. If you’re still thinking of selling that old, damaged truck at best value, now is the perfect time to take action.